Think tech-savvy parents aren’t annoying or boundaryless enough? Gear up: Huggies in Brazil has just introduced TweetPee, a Twitter app–based sensor that lets parents know every time their baby needs a diaper change. Oh no? Oh yes.

What’s that? You want a video demo? In Portuguese? Here you go!

From what I can gather, a Twitter bird–shaped sensor is attached to the baby’s diaper and set up to link to the parent’s phone. The app lets you know that the baby’s diaper is wet by gauging an increase in humidity. It chronicles how often they’ve peed that day. It also tracks how many diapers you have left, so you can know to go buy more Huggies. It even gives the parent the ability to order more diapers online, right then and there. (Oh! Marketing!)

Parents, if you want to know if your baby peed himself, you could always try good old-fashioned paying attention to the life you brought into this world. But, of course, you can't find that on an iPhone screen.

No word on TweetPoo, which is inevitably next, right? Gross.

Illustration by Fernando Alfonso III