Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub now available in fine art form


Memes are pompous. Memes are pretty. Memes are porny. Memes are horny.

Memes are everything. They're even fine art.

Thanks to a Schenectady, N.Y., Etsy seller named Aja, the world can now grab hold of an 18" by 24" print of the marvelous meme Grumpy Cat, that brow-furrowed kitty who can't get behind the existence of anything.

Titled "Why So Grumpy," the print costs $55 and takes about two weeks to go from checkout to your front door.

If that's not enough, you can also pick up a Grumpy Cat pillow cover (16" by 16", $38), Grumpy Cat meets Starry Night print (16" by 20", $50), or Lil Bub Meets the Scream print (16" by 20", $50; 8" by 10", $20).

Both are also available on iPhone cases ($45).

Aja also sells a number of other prints—her 3' by 4' oil painting of a nude blonde model is worth every one of those $3,000—but let's be real: You need that Grumpy Cat painting in your living room.

Grumpy Cat! The little lady's a hit. She practically took over South by Southwest last week.

H/T Incredible Things | Photos via Sagittarius Gallery/Etsy