The only good part of today’s potential-government-shutdown madness is the hashtag #shutdownpickuplines. People have been tweeting sexy ways to pick up a new boo using topical political humor. Since many employees will be off work, many of these revolve around using that free time… really well. Others are focused on the National Zoo’s panda cam, which would go dark during a shutdown. Let’s face it, that would be a disaster.

If you really want to know if a major political event is really happening, turn off your TV and check Twitter. Or just refresh this site over and over:

1) Sexy Panda Cam

2) Shutdown puns

3) Sad truths

4) Hey girl.

5) Yogi Bear with me

6) How sweet

7) Gross but great

8) Bedtime 

9) Boehner joke +1

10) Check. Mate.

Photo via Tom Lohdan/Flickr