Gallon smashing is spilling across America.

The grocery store prank, which originated in Virginia and involves little else besides the orchestration of a few teenage hooligans and a wide array of gallon-sized milk jugs, is apparently taking off in Cullman, Ala., where police have begun crying over an excessive amount of spilled milk.

The tiny town of Cullman is located about an hour south of nearby Huntsville. It's home to roughly 14,000 people, all of whom hold milk in the highest regard—except for these damn kids.

Police have reported two separate incidents of Gallon Smashing within the Cullman area in the past week week, with more than four gallons of milk affected. According to The Cullman Times, the incidents have resulted in zero injuries, unless you account for injured emotions.

Now a team of investigators is on the case.

"We understand it's not a major crime, but the grocery stores are concerned," Cullman assistant police chief Craig Green told The Times.

"When someone runs over to help, they don't know if it's a prank. We know it's another fad and a prank, but we don't want to see it happen beyond these two incidents."

Photo via Only Trending/YouTube