If there’s one thing you can possibly take away from this video, it’s this: “Don’t do it for the Vine.”

Twitter’s video-sharing app has become an unexpected platform for comedy, porn, and just about everything else you can manage to do in a matter of seconds.

This particular clip shows the lengths some will go to get over on Vine. It’s shockingly funny and almost painful to watch. It’s also only seven seconds long, so I’ll spare you a summary.

I’m hoping it’s fake, but the look on the paramedic’s face suggests otherwise.

Worth noting, the link in the summary to the original Vine returns a 404 error, which could mean that the original uploader pulled the video. Regardless, we're hoping the unidentified subject makes a swift recovery—and finds whatever he was looking for. 

Update: The subject has been identified as Obi Nwosu.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via YouTube