Oscar and Clarence don’t miss out on dropped food. Even the tiniest crumbs will always get snatched up by these vigilant pups.

The two dogs make up the Murphy Household Food Watch, which was formed in 2009 after an entire pumpkin pie was dropped on the floor during Thanksgiving and went uneaten for at least 7 minutes before being cleaned up.

"After the pie incident, Oscar and Clarence vowed never to let a piece of food drop without being eaten," said the puppies’ official biographer Sue Corliss.

Their initial goal of leaving no food uneaten after 90 seconds was met within the first year. ”Now they’re down to an average of 34.6 seconds for 2013,” she said. “It’s truly impressive.”

With the holiday season right around the corner, the dogs better be on their A-game.

Via Notalwaysrelevant.