Franklin, a corgi pup from Northern California is an expert hider. He’s also an entrepreneur and has figured out a way to combine his hiding prowess with his business acumen. The corgi has released a book, called Where’s Franklin? — it’s sort of like Where’s Waldo? but with an adorable puppy instead of a bespectacled guy in a striped shirt, which if you ask us, is way more fun! 

Better yet, Franklin donates the 20% of the proceeds to charity. 

But not just any charity, so far, Franklin has raised over $1000 for Corgi Pals, which raises money for corgis in need of veterinary care.

This dog is a triple threat: cute, awesome at hiding, and super generous. What more could you need?

You can purchase a copy of Where’s Franklin? by clicking here. And be sure to follow Franklin on Facebook and see if you can spot him!