This chemical reaction GIF releases the Kraken


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Scientists have finally discovered a way to summon the Kraken, a legendary sea monster with giant tentacles known for attacking ships.

And all it takes is some fire.

This Kraken-like creature is actually the Chemical Volcano + Pharaon Snake, a fireworks display that produces long, moving tentacles that could make a grown man squeal. 

The following Chemical Volcano + Pharaon Snake GIF was created from a 3-year-old Polish YouTube video, which has been viewed more than 70,000 times. For all you science buffs out there, one YouTube commenter explained how the fireworks were created: 

We've mixed two well known chemical experiments. Chemical Volcano + Pharaon Snake. Chemical Volcano is burning of NH4Cr2O7 which makes porous, green Cr2O3 as a product. Inside volcano we've hidden 4 tablets with HgSCN. This chemical burns producing N2 which is making a foam 20 times bigger than initial tablet.

On Reddit's r/ChemicalReactionGIFs, the community compared the fireworks display to Cthulhu, author H.P. Lovecraft's fictional monster with a face made of tentacles.