The Internet's 16 favorite cat doppelgängers


There are an awful lot of people searching for cats that look like Hitler. They shouldn't be. It's time for the German dictator to relinquish his stronghold on the Google search results—because you should see the cats who look like One Direction. And Nick Offerman. And Obama. And Mr. T.

Not one to argue with the power of Google, we tracked down those felines that best resemble some of our favorite—and not-so-favorite—famous faces.

Adolf Hitler

Photo via Catsthatlooklikehitler.com

Wilford Brimley

Photo via BuzzFeed

Nick Offerman

Photo via Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson

This pin-up girl

Photo via Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

One Direction

Photo via E! Online

Justin Bieber

Photo via Cheezburger.com


Photos via catswholooklikedrake.tumblr.com, mp3waxx/Flickr


Photo via Cheezburger.com

Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones

Photo via GQ

Homer Simpson

Photo via Cheezburger.com

Vladimir Putin

Photo via Foreign Policy

Barack Obama

Photo via Cheezburger.com

William Shatner

Photo via MoreFM

Donald Trump

Photo via Cheezburger.com

Michael Jackson

Photo via Cheezburger.com

Mr. T

Photo via Cheezburger.com