Laura Kate Dale, a trans woman and journalist, says she was “completely dehumanized” at the Xbox One Event at Eurogamer Expo 2013 when comedian and presenter Fraser Millward allegedly referred to her as “it,” “he,” and “thing” during her panel.

Millward is an English comedian, and has been identified as the presenter during Dale’s panel. Dale said she did not know Millward was a comedian because his comments were not presented as comedy, she wrote on Twitter.

A second round of harassment has begun on Twitter, where Dale is retweeting all the hate tossed her way. The trolls, mostly men, call her “mentally ill” and asking questions like, “Well, what do you have between your legs?”

According to Kotaku, Eurogamer is investigating the issue. The community's response, as much as Millward's alleged behavior, is another smudge on the gaming world’s treatment of women in their industry.

H/T Kotaku / Photo by Roxanne Ready/Flickr