Here it is, the next thing that is everything you never knew you needed: Hate With Friends, an app that lets you pick which of your Facebook friends you “hate,” then informs you whether or not they “hate” you back.

If you’ve got a match, congrats! You have two options: 1) unfriend, and drive your enemy away; or 2) send him or her a gift, and keep your enemy close.


This seems like a highly sustainable and important use of technology that deserves to be showered with venture capital money. 

“We’re hoping to get like $2 million in funding like Bang With Friends and develop it into the next Snapchat,” Chris Baker, one the inventors of Hate With Friends, wrote to me in an email.

Baker, who also just launched Rather, developed Hate With Friends with Mike Lacher, the brains behind Upworthy Generator and author of the McSweeney’s essay “I’m Comic Sans, Asshole.”

Unfortunately, the app cannot yet tell you if you hate yourself.

H/T Rusty Foster | Photo via Matt Mets/Flickr