In Texas abortion battle, @VictorianPrude finally gets to finish her testimony

Last night, the woman who was forcibly removed from a Senate Committee hearing against the Texas abortion bill on Monday was in a different kind of spotlight.

Last night, Sarah Slamen, the woman who was forcibly removed from a Senate Committee hearing against the Texas abortion bill on Monday, was in a different kind of spotlight. She was a guest on MSNBC’s The Last Word, where she was able to finish her speech from Monday night.

Host Lawrence O’Donnell asked if she felt she was speaking for others when she got behind the podium that night.

“Yes,” Slamen said.

“I’m a Southern woman, and we are socialized to be hospitable. But women all over the world are socialized to suppress their dissent, be agreeable, ask for what should rightfully be ours. And there’s been a palpable feeling of fury, anger and weariness of begging for these rights, especially from a Legislature that’s 85 percent male. We’re tired of it.”

Slamen was also a guest on Sam Seder’s show Majority Report today. Another video surfaced yesterday of a woman being thrown out of the Texas Capitol, where House Bill 2 was passed, after objecting that “this bill will kill women.” In another related video of the incident, the woman is carried out of the building by her hands and feet, all the while still chanting, “We will not be silent.”

On Twitter, Slamen has been using the momentum from Monday to organize a community of righteous dissent around tomorrow’s vote to pass Senate Bill 1. Stay tuned.

Screenshot via MSNBC

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