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Click here to bring the NSA to your front door. Just kidding! (Or are we?)

Ever wondered what it takes to come to the attention of the shadowy and omniscient National Security Agency? Wonder no more! The Summon the NSA button is here, saving you hours of precious time searching Google for PRISM-triggering keywords.

With one click, you bring up a Google search that includes a random assortment of the keywords in the NSA's list of red flag, possibly terrorism-related, words, drawing the immediate attention of the quiet men in dark suits. 

"These searches will summon the police and FBI to your house because, just like everyone living in America today, all of your digital transactions are being monitored," the site claims.

I’m not sure if that's a guarantee or a threat, but I guess we'll find out, because I just clicked it. It brought up a search string for: Rootkit PLO Chemical weapon Disaster medical assistance team Malware Service disruption Conventional weapon Taliban Suicide attack Tamil Tigers. 

Yep, that should about do it. 

Beneath the button, the site lists links to major NSA stories from the Electronic Freedom Foundation, Wikipedia, the Washington Post, and the Guardian, as well as links to creator Duncan Trussell's site.

If you'd like to see your tax dollars at work, go ahead, click. Then presumably just wait. Might as well pack some toiletries and cigarettes to trade for favors in The Big House. Out of a job and underwater on your mortgage? No worries, now you'll have three hots and a cot for the foreseeable future, and plenty of time to finish that novel you've been talking about. 

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