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In the seemingly never-ending ideological war around healthcare, Republicans may have finally found the perfect weapon.

In the seemingly never-ending ideological war around healthcare, Republicans may have finally found the perfect weapon.

The Republican National Committee has released a series of Web videos, in the style of of those old Mac vs. PC ads, to make fun of the Affordable Care Act.

Like the computer ads that came before them, the ads pit two gentlemen—a casually dressed 20something, representing the private sector, versus a man stuffed into a suit as the new healthcare law, commonly known as Obamacare. Together, they pull a not-very-funny odd couple routine, with the private sector playing it cool and competent, and Obamacare floundering around as a bewildered bureaucrat.

Some ads make a clear point, pointing out the frustrations many Americans have with the healthcare.gov website:

Others get a little more theoretical, with the private sector grilling Obamacare over the program's accountability, who in turn simply responds "whatever."

This isn't the first time the RNC has parodied a Mac commercial to score points against President Obama. After he claimed to have learned that the National Security Agency spies on German Chancellor Angela Merkel from media reports, the RNC made that fact into, for some reason, an iPhone commercial.

Screengrab via rnc/YouTube

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