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Here's some solid proof that Seinfeld holds bipartisan appeal.

Did you know that it’s Festivus today? Because Senator Rand Paul sure did, and he seized the opportunity to indulge in the traditional “airing of grievances” mandated by the holiday’s inventor, Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza, via Twitter. Rather than criticize his embarrassed progeny, though, the libertarian-leaning Paul took aim at government.

After warming up a bit, Paul launched into attacks on the Federal Reserve, which turned 100 today.

Far less boilerplate and more fascinating were Paul’s minor, personal gripes. (Burgoo, by the way, is apparently a sort of spicy stew, because what else could it possibly be.)

Alas, Paul declined to engage in other Festivus customs—he probably didn’t even put up a decorative pole.

The complaint session ended with a poke at Senator Cory Booker, one of the most popular politicians on Twitter—and, amazingly, after Booker challenged Rand to a non-Reid wrestling match, slipped into a serious discussion of the war on drugs.

Now there’s a New Year’s resolution we’d like to see kept.

H/T Daily Intelligencer | Photo by circulating/Flickr

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