Obama may have just joined Pinterest, where Fake Obama is already pinning past Rick Santorum's vest collection and Fake Mitt Romney.  

Forget campaign stickers and buttons. In the 2012 election, it's all pins. 

Already on board with  TwitterFlickr, and even Instagram, President Obama appears to have joined Pinterest, the hugely popular image-sharing community. 

A new account has a profile photo of Obama and a bio that reads, “This page is run by Obama for America, President Obama's 2012 campaign."

Pinterest does not yet have a verification system in place, but it does have a track record of redirecting fake accounts so that they aren’t  mistaken for their actual counterparts, most notably with the Mitt Romney parody profile.

Pinterest may have also redirected a parody Obama account to make way for the commander in chief. A comedy Barack Obama account redirects here. (The Michelle Obama parody account we wrote about earlier, however, has not yet been addressed by Pinterest.)

There's just one problem. The account has not labeled any boards or pinned any pins.

But he ought to look no further for inspiration than Fake Barack Obama. With boards dedicated to Obama-inspired food, as well as nudging remarks toward the Republican candidates, the impersonator is unoffensive but still entertaining.

Fake Obama has even exhibited some presidential Pinterest etiquette, crediting a repin from the real Ann Romney’s account.

“Via Ann Romney's board. I'm always ready to reach across the aisle, especially when dessert is involved,” the impersonator wrote.

We look forward to seeing whether the President will do the same.

Photo via Pinterest

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