Pinterest gets political with Mitt Romney pinboards

Romney Hotel
Forget the parodies: Pinterest users are now providing visual commentary on the GOP candidate's campaign lifestyle.

There’s no shortage of Mitt Romney parodies on Pinterest. From Fake Mitt Romney to BuzzFeed’s Regular Guy Mitt Romney board, it’s easy to find users poking fun at the candidate’s wealth.

However, instead of going to great lengths to pull down parodies, perhaps the campaign team should worry about Pinterest accounts which use facts to illustrate the true extent of Romney’s riches.

ThinkProgress has dedicated two pinboards exclusively to this purpose. Two days ago, the liberal-leaning political blog began pinning visuals of the hotels and planes that Romney listed in his Jan. 2012 campaign finance report.

It’s one thing for Fake Mitt Romney to joke about the actual candidate endorsing starter yachts and buying caviar in bulk. But it’s much more sobering to see the real-life boards Luxury Hotels of the Romney Campaign and Private Jets of the Romney Campaign.

According to the boards, Romney spent $1,008,144.23 on air travel alone—and that’s just for January. And when he visits Washington, D.C., he stays in swank spots like Hotel George. In a description lifted from the hotel’s own site, the board describes it as:

“‘A modern masterpiece of lodging and lifestyle amenities in the heart of the Capitol Hill business district, The Hotel George is a bold boutique hotel of revolutionary spirit.’”

In Pinterest’s short history, we’ve seen countless examples of its lighter side. But examples like ThinkProgress show that political action on this visual interface can speak louder than words.

Romney takes down Pinterest parody account
Last week’s faux Mitt Romney Pinterest profile was a spot-on parody of Romney’s perceived out-of-touch affluence.
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