It's not a debate—it's material for Patton Oswalt

patton oswalt
You'll never think of the Republican presidentail debate the same after combing through Patton Oswalt's tweets.

During tonight’s Republican debate, topics like health care, Italy’s economic crisis and sexual harassment accusations against front runner Herman Cain were discussed. But according to comedian Patton Oswalt, who was live-tweeting the event, the debate was more like the biggest circus in town.

Oswalt has tweeted during almost every one of the last 10 Republic debates and has yet to run out of material to sink his teeth into. Tonight Oswalt promised to live-tweet the first hour of the debate, which was held at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., and he didn’t disappoint.

Oh my fucking God, Perry is just visibly buzzed. I have no joke here. He's had some drinks,” Oswalt tweeted tonight about Texas Gov. Rick Perry. “Xanax. I think it's Xanax. Not booze.”

Here are some other Oswalt tweets that had us in stitches:

Photo by Gage Skimore


patton oswalt
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Twitter humor is predictable. Even the weirdest crap can get formulaic—glitchy text nonsense, sexts, variations on "me irl" that link to shiba inu pictures (sorry)—so you gotta love it when someone steps in and reinvents the wheel.
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