Mad Mitt
r/PhotoshopBattles has its way with the Republican nominee.

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Mitt “Mad Mittens” Romney and his sidekick, Paul “Roughshod” Ryan are ready to kick ass and take names, not crap. Coming out of the Republican National Convention with a zero bounce in the polls, they’re in no mood to put up with any guff from those damn pinkos over at the DNC.

Reddit, naturally, is there.

User titleunknown uploaded a photo of Romney and Ryan pointing and laughing, with the challenge “Let’s see what you can do,” and soon enough, s/he saw some wondrous things indeed. DaminDrexel quickly ’shopped it into “Don’t Mess with Mittens,” a Dirty Harry-like image of the very armed and the very dangerous Republican. Never trust a man in a good suit who laughs while shooting a handgun.

Then ListenChump got his mitts on it, and that’s where things become interesting from a GIF column perspective. Adding facial tics that would frighten Norman Bates, a baller background of fanned Benjamins, and some Michael Bay-like explosions, ListenChump transformed Romney into a pyrotechnic golem of death right out of Casino. The whole world loves a good villain, and the stats on Imgur confirm it: 83,000 views and 1,010 points are as good as sworn testimony, Madd Mittens reigns supreme over Reddit’s Photoshop Battles subreddit, but we all know it’s a numbers game, and Barack “Whack” Obama has yet to throw his JPG into the ring.

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