The mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah attracted some nasty trolls after her big moment in the national spotlight Tuesday night.

Mia Love, the Republican mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah who rocked the house at the Republican National Convention with a speech that roundly criticized President Barack Obama, has already fallen victim to misogynistic trolls.

Their venue of choice? Her Wikipedia page, which experienced a flurry of nasty activity last night that saw Love called everything from a “worthless whore” to a “house ni**er.”

Love, in case you didn’t guess, happens to be both black and a woman.

The slurs have since been removed from the page, but conservatives bloggers were quick to snatch screen grabs, which we’ve reproduced below (NSFW language):

Wikipedia vandalism is nothing new, though the attacks on Love are particularly nasty. Earlier this month the pages for Mitt Romney’s presumptive vice presidential nominees were locked down by Wikipedia administrators after Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert encouraged viewers to litter them with falsehoods.

Photo by Michael Jolley/Wikipedia

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