Hillary Clinton beats Bernie Sanders in Maryland

Hillary Clinton

Photo via Lorie Shaull/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

She can almost smell the nomination now.
Hillary Clinton scored victory over Bernie Sanders in the Maryland Democratic primary on Tuesday, further solidifying her chance at the party's nomination.

Clinton is expected to win the majority of Tuesday's state contests, which include primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. 

Maryland awards 95 Democratic delegates, the second most delegates of the night, after Pennsylvania's 189 pledged delegates. They will be awarded proportionally based on each candidate's percentage of the vote. 

Even without Tuesday's primaries, the former secretary of state led the independent Vermont senator by a wide margin, with 1,428 pledged delegates and 518 superdelegates, party officials and activists who may vote for either candidate at the party's convention in July. Sanders has 1,153 pledged delegates and 39 superdelegates.

A candidate must receive 2,383 total delegates to win the Democratic nomination. 

Candidates from both parties will next face off in Indiana on May 3.

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