Obama Appointee Who Heads U.S. Nuclear Security Agency Is Hacked By "Guccifer" | The Smoking Gun
Neile Miller was a target in line with the main thrust of Guccifer’s hacking interests.

Pseudonymous hacker Guccifer has struck again.

The target du jour is the head of the other NSA: Neile Miller, acting administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration. For the last three years, Miller has served as deputy administrator. She was nominated by President Obama for the directorship when the former director stepped down in January.

According to the Smoking Gun (TSG), Miller’s Facebook was hacked and her email was compromised.

Miller was a target in line with the main thrust of Guccifer’s hacking interests. Previous victims include President George W. Bush and former secretaries of state Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell, and Christopher Kojm, the chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

“Miller, who has top secret security clearances, runs an agency with a broad portfolio of nuclear-related responsibilities,” wrote TSG, “including managing and securing the nation’s nuclear weapons and keeping weapons of mass destruction ‘out of the hands of state and non-state actors.’”

Based on the screenshots the hacker sent to the publication, there is no evidence that Guccifer accessed any secret materials. He did grab a photo, featured above, of the administrator with the president, however, manipulating it with a state-of-the-art graphics program.

H/T TSG | Photo via TSG

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