New York Donald Trump rally interrupted by fight

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We haven't seen one of these confrontations in a little while.

Since Donald Trump has been getting schlonged by Ted Cruz when it comes to fighting for potential Republican delegates, it's been relatively quiet the past couple of days on the campaign trail for the millionaire businessman.

No bloviating from Trump. No disturbances at any campaign speeches. No controversy.

But that streak of silence ended Monday when a scuffle broke out at a Trump campaign stop in Albany, New York. And as has become a theme at a few of his events, it appeared a white man put his hands on an African-American man who apparently was protesting. The apparent protester was then escorted away from the scene.

Aside from that incident, though, the campaign rally seemed tame. Trump talked about Hillary Clinton and how she doesn't have the judgment to be president, the crowd chanted that Mexico was going to pay for a wall on the border, and Trump asked for pledges.
According to the Times Union, about 10,000 people were in attendance though his speech was interrupted a few times by protesters.

As the Times Union wrote, "A handful of times, Trump interrupted his remarks to call for the removal of a protester. Each time, Trump stopped and let his crowd chant protesters out of the room, though he occasionally would instruct security to 'get 'em out of here.' 'Send him back home to mom,' he said of one protester."

Not a bad idea, perhaps, because, as we learned Monday, sometimes dads forget to make sure their kids are registered to vote. 

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