Donald Trump's new D.C. hotel is a hotbed of Instagram trolling

Trump D.C. hotel is getting trolled on Instagram

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If you build it, they will desecrate it on social media.

Washingtonians—the same sick people who dreamt up the Washington Monument dick pic—have added trolling Donald Trump's new D.C. hotel to their Instagram bucket list. 

The Republican presidential candidate was in the nation's capital on Wednesday for the official opening of the Trump International Hotel. Here's to hoping Trump didn't check his latest real estate venture's location tag on Instagram. Littered among the happy selfies of tourists sipping over-priced champagne in the gilded halls of Trump's D.C. hotel are the sick, the sad, the inane. 

Trump's Pennsylvania Avenue hotel, which replaced the Old Post Office Pavillion after a $200 million dollar makeover, has already run into its fair share of problems, including alienating D.C.'s most famous chef and noted Hispanic José Andrés and suffering lackluster sales during the weekend of the World Bank-IMF meetings—one of the busiest nights of the year for area hotels. 

Trump's new hotel may rival the actual U.S. Capitol as the most widely despised landmark in town. #Draintheswamp, indeed. 

The most popular pose by far for visitors to Trump's new D.C. hotel is giving it the finger.

Fuck that guy #AlbieDoesDC #AlbiesWorld #ImWithHer #nevertrump🚫

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Whatever #dumptrump

A post shared by Nicole (colie) Trent (@colietrent) on

There's the less confrontational "flipping off Trump's D.C. hotel while passing by in a vehicle" pose.


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There's the sideways finger.


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Happy couples even celebrate their anniversaries by paying a pilgrimage to the Trump hotel. 

great start to the anniversary! thanks donald!

A post shared by Nick Stevens (@nickyjstevens) on

Some go for a film noir-esque effect with the Inkwell filter.

Tell me how you really feel #peaceoutdc #fuckyoutrump #thankyouaiweiwei #dumptrump #🖕

A post shared by Clint Baclawski (@clintbaclawski) on

People's usage of Instagram to document their hatred for Trump dates back to the hotel's early stages—before Trump was even a candidate for president. Some people even used props. There's also the myriad of protest shots by workers' unions and other groups angry about Trump's candidacy. 
(Sorry, this embed was not found.)
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Close-ups of all the SJW graffiti? Much like your worst frenemies, people love capturing the Trump hotel at its least photogenic angle. A dash of Black Lives Matter graffiti on the Trump hotel and accompanying word art? Your 14-year-old sister would be proud.

If you are unhappy with your stay at The Donald Dump hotel, refuse to pay. He would. #stoptrump

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There are the perfectly placed shots of the Trump hotel in the evening.

🐷 📷 by @calebchar #drumpf

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There's Gays Against Guns NYC, who ironically held their anti-gun convention at the Trump Hotel.
And there's Toni the Tampon, who cut to the chase about Trump's sexist comments: But the prize for Trolling Trump's New D.C. Hotel on Instagram goes to this dream team.
(Sorry, this embed was not found.)

No wonder Trump isn't so hot on unfettered free speech.

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