Buddy Roemer tweets win more followers than votes

Buddy Roemer
The long shot GOP candidate may not have much money, but he does have a sense of humor. And on Twitter, that counts for a lot.

Strapped with a grandfather’s wit and a puncher’s chance, former Louisiana governor and congressman Buddy Roemer hopes to pull off the unthinkable. His aim: to somehow elbow his way into the Republican Party debates with no PAC funding and strict orders not to accept any donations over $100.

"94% of elections in America are won by the candidate with the most money," Roemer tweeted Monday morning. "Is this how we want to pick our leaders? #getmoneyout"

Roemer is supporting his campaign with a mix of punch-line tweets in lieu of cash. The straight-talkin’ Cajun has scored big points with followers on Twitter, who have shown a genuine taste for Roemer's ability to switch from ranting on Obama's health-care bill to waxing droll about his physique at the drop of a hat.

Roemer's big Twitter break came Tuesday during the Republican Iowa caucuses, when a laughable performance—Roemer garnered a mere 47 votes—led to a string of self-deprecating hilarity that continues to this day.

The Daily Dot compiled its 10 favorite Buddy Roemer tweets into a Storify for your laughing pleasure. 

buddy roemer
Presidential long shot Buddy Roemer defies odds on Twitter
Last night, as presidential hopefuls Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney celebrated, Buddy Roemer was "Pounding the pavement in NH!"  The former Louisiana governor and congressman has been using Twitter to plot his unlikely surge through the Republican-candidate ranks—or at least tweet his way to social media stardom.
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