Herman Cain is smiling
Wtih Herman Cain gaining followers, even in the wake of minor scandal, is it fair to say all publicity is good publicity?

There's an old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and Herman Cain may be banking on that, at least on Facebook.

Just 48 hours after Politico ran a story about two women who claimed Cain made “sexually suggestive” advances toward them in the early 90s, it appeared the campaign on Facebook wasn't losing any steam. Within three hours on Tuesday afternoon, Cain gained more than 1,600 new fans, although there were some instances of spam on the profile, as noted by one user.

“It's a full time job reporting all the fake profiles set up just to spam this page and marking all their posts as spam. Everyone do your part!” wrote Michael Shane Trammell.

Shortly after 3 p.m. EST, the page had 312,064 fans; three hours later there were 313,732.

The jump in 'likes' was noted by some users, with some suggesting Cain gained more than 3,000 new fans on Tuesday.

“Anyone else noticed that the likes are blowing up today? I swear it was in the 310k range earlier today,” Trammell wrote.

Meanwhile on Twitter, mentions of Cain jumped from just over 9,700 on Saturday to more than 39,000 on Sunday, when the story broke on Politico, according to Topsy.com. Cain's Twitter mentions blew his closest rivals, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, out of the water.

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