Web Culture Reporter - Full-time

The Daily Dot’s Unclick section offers a sharp, authoritative, and entertaining look at the memes, #challenges, and quirkiest corners of the internet. We’re looking for a reporter who lives on Twitter and Tumblr, isn’t scared of 4chan, and knows their way around Reddit—someone capable of explaining internet trends with jurisdiction, insight, and humor. The ideal candidate can not only fire off a quick post about an errant tweet but also lend weight and depth to something seemingly silly or absurd through original reporting and analysis. Apply Here.

Strategic Content Editor - Full-time

The Strategic Content Editor will help develop the Daily Dot’s SEO strategy and create informative guides for all things related to the internet. If a reader is searching for the best food apps, wants to know how to stream a sporting event, or is wondering how to use Snapchat like a pro, we want our guides to appear in search results or in their Facebook feeds. We’re not interested in lifeless articles that sound like they were written by robots; we’re looking for compelling pieces that can inform and entertain readers. The Strategic Content Editor will be responsible for identifying real-time trends, generating story ideas for each section, and editing and optimizing stories before publication. Apply Here.