Video captures 30-person Walmart brawl in New York

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Photo via Mike Mozart/Flickr (CC-BY)

Police are not happy.

Four people were arrested following a brawl that erupted at a New York Walmart on Sunday. 

According to WHEC, the fight began when two 17-year-old girls started taking pictures and making fun of another woman's dress. When the woman's family members realized what the two girls were doing, an all-out melee broke out. Allegedly, both the victim and suspect had large families with them, and 30 people were involved in the brawl.

In the viral video posted to Facebook, someone involved is seen throwing a trash can. The fight, however, took a more serious tone when people began using baseball bats and canned food to protect themselves.

According to Vice, one of the fighters, 17-year-old Nykia Brooks, split a 52-year-old man's head open with a can of food. She was charged with assault, harassment, and related offenses. Three others were charged with disorderly conduct. 

While police say they are still reviewing surveillance video from inside the store, Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode said, "It was in total chaos when officers got [to Walmart]. It's just disgusting to see that kind of behavior happening right here."

According to WHEC, Walmart will step-up its security following the incident. "If you're in that video, you ought to be looking over your shoulder," VanBrederode told WHEC. "It's just a matter of time before we come knocking on some doors.

"People have no respect for other people," he continued, "and these situations are becoming much more common here in Monroe County." 

Police say they plan to make more arrests in the near future. 

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