Vines and Instagrams from the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision

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The Supreme Court issued two decisions in favor of gay marriage Wednesday, and the celebration was documented on Vine and Instagram.

As the Supreme Court struck down two barriers to gay marriage, supporters of equality outside the courthouse and elsewhere celebrated victory.

The court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act—a 1996 law that limited federal marriage benefits and effectively banned gay marriage at the federal level–unconstitutional and dismissed an attempt to uphold Proposition 8—a 2008 California provision banning same-sex marriage. The latter decision again legalizes gay marriage in California.

Instagram photos and videos and vines aplenty emerged from outside the Supreme Court as supporters awaited and celebrated the decisions.

Photo by dunkarupaul/Instagram

Photo via adamsoko/Instagram

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Video by roberthohn/Instagram

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Crowds also gathered in California to watch the decision being rendered.

Photo by tonyhoang/Instagram

Photo by fre028/Instagram

Expect even more celebration when Pride Weekend kicks off in San Francisco this Friday.

Photo via emmaklange/Instagram


Internet erupts in celebration after landmark same-sex marriage ruling
One of the most contentious civil rights issues in the U.S. turned into a major victory for gay rights advocates Wednesday, when the U.S. Supreme court announced at 10am ET that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)—a federal law used to ban gay marriage—had been struck down as unconstitutional.
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