Can Twitter shame Billy Bush into giving $10 million to women's charities?

billy bush

Screengrab via The Young Turks/YouTube

What a (potentially) good guy.
Today anchor Billy Bush, whom history will remember as the guy who giggled like a 8th grader in sex ed class when Donald Trump bragged to him about "grabbing [women] by the pussy," is expected to receive a $10 million settlement from employer NBC over the nixing of his 3-year contract. It's basically all the money he would have made in that time, paid all at once in a big lump sum, just to make him go the hell away.   

So, does Bush have any plans for that money yet? Because folks on Twitter have a pretty decent suggestion, considering the circumstances.

True to his word, internet wiseguy Patrick Monahan sparked the rumor with a somewhat sarcastic hashtag. In no time, #ThanksBilly was a hit.
And it didn't take the political wing of Weird Twitter very long to convince people that Bush had really promised this. #ThanksBilly even trended. 
Realizing that his campaign of faux gratitude for something Bush definitely has no plans to do, Monahan had to pierce the veil of irony for once.

As of this moment, sure, it's just a goof. But who knows! Maybe Bush just needs a little nudge in the right direction. And if he follows through, well, we can have fun thanking him all over again. Your move, dude.

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