Trump supporters would love if he grabbed them by the p***y

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Because consent matters!

What’s astounding in an election that has brought issues of rape, sexual assault, and consent to the forefront is that the party that insists Trump’s accusers are liars and that women who are raped are asking for it have a pretty good handle on all the issues! They just refuse to admit it. Yesterday, it was Rush Limbaugh eloquently illustrating how consent is the difference between sex and rape while insisting it was leftist nonsense, and now it’s a woman at a Donald Trump rally inviting the Republican nominee to grab her pussy.

Twitter user Anup Patel says this woman is “advocating sexual assault,” but that’s incorrect. She is clearly giving permission for Trump to touch her. In fact, all of these women have, at least in the abstract, consented to that act with Trump.
This is yet another great example of the importance of consent from the GOP and Trump supporters! Because of course they understand that the women accusing Trump of sexual assault—such as grabbing a woman’s breast, kissing a woman without her permission when his wife left the room, grabbing a woman from behind in an elevator, pushing a woman against a wall and attempting to push her dress up, and walking in on 15-year-old girls changing—did not give their permission for Trump to do those things, and that is the difference between a consensual sexual interaction and sexual assault.

Yes, they absolutely understand that. No problems here.

Donald Trump's defense that he didn't assault a woman: 'Look at her'
This is the thing about Donald Trump: He’s constantly trying to impress you. For instance, you may have thought that after calling Mexicans rapists, insisting the Central Park 5 are still guilty, wanting to ban Muslims, and saying he just loves to grab women by the pussy, he could not stick his foot any farther down his throat. But the man has got sticktoitiveness, and somehow manages to say yet another disgusting thing just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.
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