The internet is freaking out about this sorority recruitment video

Alpha Chi Omega

Photo via Instagram (CC-BY)

It's a vast sea of screaming girls and ghoul hands.

It begins with three nearly identical girls with straight long hair, wearing sorority T-shirts, white shorts, and ear-to-ear smiles, in front of the door of the Alpha Delta Pi house at the University of Texas at Austin. After they give their in-unison introductions, the door begins to open, and from behind it, you can hear the uniform chanting of dozens and dozens of girls spelling out the name of their sorority. And then, suddenly, all is revealed. All being a stacked sea of white faces, hands shaking out like ghouls, robotic clapping, and so many sea-foam-green shirts.

The video was first tweeted by the University of Texas Co-op and posted to Instagram (both have since been deleted). It has since gone viral, with the reaction being largely critical.

But there are some supporters. Before it was deleted, commenters on Instagram posted messages like "ur glowing" and "LOVE YOU ALL TO BITS!!!!" 

Alpha Delta Pi's isn't the only sorority recruitment video to come under scrutiny. Arizona State University's Alpha Phi posted a video of members doing yoga poses on a mountain, wearing bikinis, paddle boarding, and releasing sky lanterns.

The video ignited controversy when Teen Vogue estimated that it cost upward of $200,000. But a representative for the sorority told the Republic that it only cost a couple thousand dollars to make, and the money came out of the sorority members' dues.
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