How did this family survive this horrifying accident?

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An elderly driver falls asleep at the wheel, crashes into a tree, and flips his car into oncoming traffic. Somehow, everyone survived. 

A terrifying dashcam video from Taiwan shows the moment a car flips skyward and smashes through the front window of an oncoming vehicle. More amazing than the footage: Everyone survived.

Sky Kang was on a trip with his family along the tree-lined Beicheng Bridge street last Sunday. They had no idea that, on the opposite side of the road, a 71-year-old driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, careening dangerously down the tree-lined meridian right into oncoming traffic. In the video, you can see the silver hatchback barrel down the road before it crashes into a tree, flipping and spinning, so that its tail end smashes into the windshield just a foot away from Kang's face.

As the dust settles, you can hear the terrified screams of his family in the background. But everyone was fine, suffering little more than minor injuries. 

Here's how Kang described it:

Thank god, in the end our entire family was alright. Injuries were unavoidable. What's been more troubling is the fright the children took (I worry there may be psychological trauma. This will all take time to heal.

I've always taught my kids to get in the habit of buckling their seat belts to reduce the chance of harm. But the car came out of nowhere so fast, there was really no time to react."

H/T The Daily Mail | Photo via YouTube

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