Don't understand 'rape culture'? Let this dude unpack it for you

Rape Culture unboxing

Screengrab via Seriously.TV/Facebook

Hint: 'No' means 'no,' regardless of which way you look at it.

No matter how many times we explain rape culture, some folks just don't get it

So the people at SeriouslyTV are taking a clever new approach. What if we unboxed rape culture like it was a hot new gadget? Would that help?

In a hilarious and informative new video, SeriouslyTV's Dylan Marron does just that.

The video illustrates several key points. "No" always means "no," "get out of jail free" passes tend to work particularly well for rapists who are rich and white, and we really do not need unsolicited comments from male comedians about how rape culture "really" works.

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Wow, it's actually pretty simple to understand after all!
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