Look at these adorable elderly chihuahuas one woman adopted

Senior chihuahuas

Photo via Jemandthemisfits/Instagram (CC-BY)

'Each day we share, we see as a gift.'

Senior shelter dogs face a greater threat of euthanasia because of health problems and unknown quality-of-life issues. None of that matters to Julie Docherty, however. She's highlighting how downright adorable—and adoptable—these elderly animals really are.

Docherty, who lives in L.A., first adopted a senior animal five years ago—an 11-year-old Chihuahua named Sir MoMo.

Since then, Docherty has added three more elderly chihuahuas to her squad: Choli Churro, Paloma Linda, and Benito. Their ages span 13–16 years old, or about 68–80 in human years. Docherty had another chihuahua, but he died of cancer.

One eye, one jaw, one love. MoMo & RL #normalisboring #seniorpuppies #rescueismyfavoritebreed ⭐️

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Docherty told the Huffington Post, "The pups definitely hang out together, especially if it’s in a desirable spot in the sun. Paloma and Benito are the closest. Mo tends to like his space. Choli will invite himself flop next to anyone. He especially enjoys tormenting Benito."

The dogs are also rising social media stars. Docherty's Instagram account @jemandthemisfits has over 3,000 followers, a number that is quickly rising.

Lazy Sunday Choli #chilife #seniorrescuelove ⭐️

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In an interview for The Dodo, Docherty said, "We don't know how long we have together, but each day we share, we see as a gift." 

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