How to de-stress in this post-election haze

Kitten and duckling

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It was a rough night.

Whether you’re reeling today from staying up too late to celebrate the election, or have been in a state of abject horror and staring into the void wondering how this all happened, today is a day to take care of your mental health. The election has gone on for what feels like decades, and before we fight for whatever we need to fight for, we need a break. Here are some things you can do to self-care until it’s time for the revolution.

1) Look at cute animal Vines.

Why did you shut down Vine, Twitter?? We need it more than ever!

2) Read this Twitter account that only tweets the lyrics to Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town.”

3) Watch this gif that helps you breathe.

4) Download one of the many apps that reminds you to get up and walk, and then actually get up and walk. 

Go outside and find a park, or just take a stroll on the side of the road and look at the sky. Or use an app to hypnotize yourself into relaxation.

5) Call one of the many hotlines that offer mental counseling and support.

But seriously, cute animal Vines help a lot.
This election is ruining sex for everyone
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