This 'second a day' video takes a very dark turn

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A lot can happen in just one second.

All it takes is one second for your life to change.

This second-a-day video follows a young girl in London throughout the course of the year. There’s plenty of normalcy in her life from getting affection from her family to interacting with friends … until a civil war breaks out and her world and country are torn apart.

It’s a cruel twist from the normal tone and progression of the “second a day” video where you can watch a baby’s first year or watch a more subtle story. The girl doesn’t have to say anything, but her eyes say plenty for her.

“Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening,” the video states at the end.

This is the latest effort from the charity Save the Children, which aims to protect the more than 5 million children of Syria who have been affected by the conflict that’s torn the country apart over the past three years.

H/T Reddit | Photo via SaveTheChildrenUK/YouTube

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