New mom shows off daring pregnant acroyoga photos

acro yoga preg

Lizzy Tomber (CC-BY)

Do not try this at home. Unless you're also an acroyoga instructor.

Many pregnant women are barely able to get up off the couch days before their baby's due. But Lizzy Tomber was high in the air, striking impressive acroyoga moves throughout cities all over the world—and she has the photos to prove it.

Tomber is an instructor of acroyoga—which combines the strength and flexibility of acrobatics and yoga—and she travels the world with her husband Josh Young, who she met in an acroyoga class. 

When she got pregnant last year, Tomber didn't ease off her practice; she forged on as her belly grew. And it made for some shocking Instagrams.

“He’s been doing acrobatics since before he was born,” Tomber, 33, told ABC News of her baby boy who was born in February. 

These poses might look daring for someone with child, but her doctor assured her, "if you’re comfortable, and this is what you do on a daily basis, you shouldn’t stop doing it."

Naturally, Tomber and Young have continued their acroyoga photos with baby in tow. But he's not posing just yet. “He’s just holding up his own neck, so we’re not rushing it, but hopefully he grows to love doing acrobatics," Tomber said.

Doing the thing I love most in the world with the people I love the most! Thanks @acroyogaaddicts for the picture

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