Let Pinterest help you with spring cleaning

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If your requires some attention, a quick look at Pinterest has everything you need to get your spring cleaning on. 

Spring is finally here, which means everyone will be trying to forget about winter and prepare for warmer weather. One way many people will be trying to get a fresh start as the season begins is by starting their spring cleaning.

This yearly task however can be rather overwhelming. How do you know where to start and the best ways to give your home a thorough cleaning? Luckily, in today’s digital age a quick Pinterest search offers numerous tips that can help you get organized and clean every inch of your house.

Here are nine Pinterest tips to help you start your spring cleaning.


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First, help yourself keep track of everything you need to get done by creating a handy checklist.



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Keep supplies in a bucket so you don’t lose them and can easily carry them around the house.



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Consider eco-friendly and DIY cleaning ideas.



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Don’t forget to clean areas you may have ignored the rest of the year, like light fixtures.



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If you plan on rearranging the furniture in your rooms to clean and have a new look, get rid of pesky carpet indents by using ice!



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Make blinds look just like new by soaking them in the sink with water and vinegar or bleach.



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Give your mattress a good clean by mixing baking soda with some lavender essential oil. Shake it on the mattress and vacuum it up after about an hour.



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Give your cabinets a good cleaning with a mixture of one part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda.



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Lastly, don’t forget to also give the outside of your house a thorough cleaning!

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