'NY Post' slams millennials again—and Twitter isn't having it

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Illustration by Max Fleishman

Another hot take on millennials gets skewered.

Joining the New York Post's long history of covering millennial issues like "Why millennials are stuck in their parents' basement" and "Millennials don't deserve NYC" comes the hard-hitting hot take "I'm a millennial and my generation sucks."

In the article, the writer Johnny Oleksinski discusses how much millennials whine, and how they're obsessed with branding, Snapchat, and Kanye-sized egos. 

 Millennials are obsessed with their brand. They co-opted the term from Apple and Xerox to be — like so many other things — all about them. “What’s your brand?,” millennial employers ask. The trouble is that a young person’s brand rarely extends beyond a screen: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. When you meet them, they’re never quite as witty, attractive or entrepreneurial as they seem on Facebook. They’re fiction authors, spinning elaborate yarns about their fabulous lives: “The Great Cathy” or “Asher in the Rye.” 

He also goes on to imply that, at 26, he is above the vapidity associated with his generation. 

People like me are called “old souls,” or “26-going-on-76.” We’re chided by our peers for silly things such as enjoying adulthood, commuting to a physical office and not being enamored with Brooklyn. Contentment has turned us into lepers. Or worse: functioning human beings. 

As usual, Twitter is having none of this millennial-hate, with responses ranging from hilarious to enlightening. 

Oleksinski has penned other millennial-decrying posts, so you could argue that he too has a brand. 

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