Dog gets epic last day full of good food and family, as the internet mourns

Daisy beagle

Photo via @victahhhh/Twitter (CC-BY)

R.I.P., Daisy the beagle.

Yesterday was one of the hardest days for Victor Flores and his family, as they said goodbye to their 13-year-old beagle Daisy. 

Daisy had suffered a ruptured disc in her back and was too old for surgery according to BuzzFeed, leaving Flores' mom, Shannon Adams, and his family with the hard to decision to put the poor guy down. 

They wanted Daisy to have one last day full of love and attention, though, so Adams cooked all of Daisy's favorite foods on Monday, starting with bacon. 

Screengrab via @victahhhh/Twitter

Then it was on to chicken and steak for dinner. 

Screengrab via @victahhhh/Twitter

Screengrab via @victahhhh/Twitter

Daisy even went for a last walk in her wagon. 

Screengrab via @victahhhh/Twitter

When Flores tweeted out photos of how Daisy spent her last day, the internet wept along with him.  

But it seems Flores would rather we pick ourselves up and remember Daisy in all her glory. 

May we all go out with such grace, pampered in our culinary tastes.

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