Mom perfectly captures how parents really feel on the first day of school

Alabama mom first day of school

Screengrab via Facebook (CC-BY)

This elated mom is every mom on the first day of school.

Summer: When the sun shines brighter, the ocean is warmer, and everyone is just a lot more chill. Except kids. Kids have no chill. And they're home. All. The. Damn. Time. 

So many parents are thrilled, or at least relieved, when school starts back up and their children take their sweet little faces and copious amounts of screaming elsewhere. And no one captured this elated feeling more perfectly than Keshia Leeann Gardner, an Alabama mother of five. 

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The photo has been shared over 272,000 times in the past week, with many commenters just posting the crying-tears-of-joy emoji

We reached out to Gardner but haven't heard back as of this posting. It seems clear her sense of humor is no fluke, though. 

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