L.A. comedian gets turned down for a date, proceeds to insult the woman he asked out

Mike Faverman

Screengrab via Michael Faverman/YouTube (Fair Use)

Give him the light.

Mike Faverman appeared to be having quite the laugh fest on Friday.

Facing allegations that he had sent a woman inflammatory messages on Facebook, the comedian took to Twitter to retweet concerns and address the controversy. His diplomacy only seemed to extend as far as an emoji, however.

Hidden behind warning messages denoting sensitive content were screenshots of a tirade that Faverman allegedly went on after he asked a woman out to dinner and she rejected him. Event coordinator Jeremy Burke was the first to post the exchange.
Faverman is seen asking a woman to have dinner with him. He is then seen allegedly mocking her size, calling her "fat" and a "pig." It's unclear who those pointed remarks were directed towards.

Another Twitter user has echoed Burke's claims. She maintains that the anonymous source of the comedian's alleged harassment wasn't his only target.

For his part, Faverman has instead condemned the screenshots for being shared in the first place, alleging that he has been harassed and threatened as a result of his correspondences being made public. The Daily Dot has reached out to Faverman for comment and is awaiting a response.

According to his website, the comedian has been a fixture of the Los Angeles comedy scene for over a decade. He is reportedly a paid regular at the Comedy Store.
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