Michelle Obama just joined Snapchat—but she's always been great at the internet

michelle obama

Photo via U.S. Department of Agriculture (CC-BY-SA)

These are the First Lady's finest social media moments.

Come January, we’re really going to miss Michelle Obama. Sure, Barack has the dad jeans, but Michelle seems like a friendly genius who could help me with my push-up form. Plus, she's probably the most compelling First Lady in recent memory.

Anyway, Michelle Obama just joined Snapchat in an attempt to engage with young people—not that the First Lady seems to have any problem using social media. Here are some of her best moments:

1) That time she completely understood what summer Instagram was meant for: garden envy.

2) That time she said “Turnip for what?” and it made you groan more than any dad joke.

3) That time she remembered that the only reason anyone is on the internet is for cute animal photos.

Sunny. #12DaysOfTakeovers

A post shared by Michelle Obama (archived) (@michelleobama44) on

4) That time she included the likes of Aretha Franklin, Destiny’s Child, and Hamilton on a Spotify playlist.

5) That time she also shared her workout mix and it included freakin’ “Whip My Hair.”

6) That time...just...whatever this dance is.

Presumably, she will be continuing her social media life after she leaves the White House, but if not, let’s try to enjoy her now. Turnip for Michelle Obama.
michelle obama
Lil Bub shows Michelle Obama her sweet workout moves
BY SAM GUTELLE  As she has looked to promote her healthy eating and education initiatives to young Americans, Michelle Obama has turned to the Internet. The First Lady’s friends within the online video industry include Tyler Oakley, Michelle Phan, and Billy Eichner, and she’s now joining forces with her cutest collaborator yet. As her Let’s Move campaign celebrates its fifth anniversary, FLOTUS has guest starred on The Lil Bub Show alongside adorable Internet cat Lil Bub.
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