This Instagram account of men drinking coffee is exactly what it sounds like

It's the new Men Reading Books.

Let’s be honest—there’s nothing hotter than a hot guy, especially when he’s doing things. I know this is a controversial statement, but hear me out here. Hot guys are really hot, whether they’re reading books and taking their kids to theme parks and maintaining a basic level of fitness or converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. The lure of the hot guy being hot will never die.

That’s why the Instagram account @MenAndCoffee is so popular. Basically, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a carefully curated selection of photos of guys drinking coffee.

There’s this guy:

Mr. Charming.. #menandcoffee

A photo posted by MEN & COFFEE - Official ☕️ (@menandcoffee) on

And this guy:

Smoking is bad but this photo is too good not to share! #menandcoffee

A photo posted by MEN & COFFEE - Official ☕️ (@menandcoffee) on

And this guy:

Straight chillin with @yhonii_b #menandcoffee

A photo posted by MEN & COFFEE - Official ☕️ (@menandcoffee) on

This guy is really talented ‘cause he can pour coffee into a cup without spilling all over his hot, coffee-drinking self.

Photo by @marwafattah_ #menandcoffee

A photo posted by MEN & COFFEE - Official ☕️ (@menandcoffee) on

And this guy is really talented ‘cause he can make the entire upper half of his body disappear.

@public_images_ltd pulling off denim on denim like a boss! #menandcoffee

A photo posted by MEN & COFFEE - Official ☕️ (@menandcoffee) on

Whoopsie daisy! That guy is gonna give his dog coffee. Dogs don’t drink coffee, you silly goose.

There’s also another account directed at lovers of women drinking coffee, the aptly titled @WomenandCoffee. Isn’t the Internet a fun place for us to learn and grow together?

Photo via MenAndCoffee/Instagram

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