This guy recorded a second of his life every day for a year

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It's amazing what stories you can tell in 365 seconds.

It's amazing the stories you can tell in just 365 seconds. Last year, Cesar Kuriyama released a project he'd been working on for an entire year: He'd filmed a second of video from his life everyday, then mashed it together into one 6 minute clip.

Kuriyama's project was watched nearly 900,000 times, so it's hardly a surprise that one of those viewers decided to mimic it this year. And Skuta's might even be better than the original.

From tapings at the The Daily Show to his daily commute, Skuta still manages to tell a subtle story. His dogs are also a huge part of his life, so even with their sporadic appearances he still tells a heartbreaking story in the span of two seconds.

Skuta’s shows that even in a year without major, life-changing moments for us, even the most mundane seconds have meaning.

Photo via Matthew Skuta/YouTube

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