Can this lost bear on Twitter find his way back home? (Update)

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Here's a small holiday miracle.

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Something caught the eye of Lauren Bishop Vranch, a London-based marketing director, while she was on the East Coast train at Kings Cross: a stuffed bear, its fur practically worn down to the stuffing. This guy had been loved for a long time. She couldn’t leave it there.

Hoping to find the bear’s owner, Vranch tweeted a photo of the toy, saying she’d drop it off in the Kings Cross lost-property box the following day. In the meantime, though, the bear would have to travel with her to Newcastle, England, for a concert and a hotel stay.

When she got back to London, lost property was closed. The bear is safe and warm for the weekend, but the owner must still be out there. 

We’ve gotta help #lostbear make it back home. Christmas “miracles” are all bunk, but can you imagine if this one actually came true?


It belongs to a girl named Phoebe, whose pop spotted it on a Facebook page called Spotted: On the Train.

What's more, the bear isn't a bear after all—it's a lion cub, and its name is Roar.

Here they are, reunited. Aren't happy endings nice?

Photo via Facebook/BuzzFeed

Photo via @laurenannbishop/Twitter

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