'Kong' director rips alt-right seatmate on plane for 75 tweets

Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

In his mind, though, Jordan Vogt-Roberts scored an important victory.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the director of the upcoming Kong: Skull Island movie, and he’s no stranger to Twitter rants. In the past, he's gone on about how social media has changed filmmaking for the worse. And know this: If you break his stuff while you drunkenly lurch around an airplane after spending most of your time looking at alt-right Facebook posts, he’s going to make you pay with public humiliation and maybe take some of your possessions in the process.

This is what happened Sunday night when Vogt-Roberts was on a plane and he noticed his seatmate scrolling through a Facebook feed that featured plenty of pro-Donald Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton sentiments. Vogt-Roberts laid out his frustrations in what became an epic tweetstorm, going in directions he probably never expected.

This, by the way, goes on for 75 tweets. So, let’s skip to some highlights. 1) Vogt-Roberts thinks his seatmate’s sweater his “shitty”; 2) His seatmate is listening to Diana Krall and Bach, which Vogt-Roberts thinks is a strange soundtrack to hear while obsessively absorbing media about how the media is in Clinton's corner; 3) His seatmate watches video game ads with cleavage-baring models and then unsuccessfully tries to cover it up. OK, back to the tweets.
Remember the cord. This plays a big role later in this drama.

Eventually, the seatmate begins gluttonously eating his turkey dinner while drinking coffee, red wine, and scotch. He inhales his cookie like he’s sucking the juices out of a peach while continuing to like alt-right Facebook posts on his iPad.

Then, drama.

But the seatmate squeezing out of his seat was not without consequences for Vogt-Roberts.
The solution? Payback. But it wouldn’t be easy.
Though entertaining, we don’t know the seatmate’s side to this tale. So, let's not get overly judgmental. This much, however, we do know: Whether you keep the cord or not, it’s going to be a long four (or eight) years.

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