4-year-old's adorable duet comes with imaginary fireworks

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It’s pretty much a cute overload.

Adelaide Ames just wanted to stop hearing fireworks. So her dad replaced them with a song, sung together to a bright pink ukulele.  

His technique may not have stopped the 4-year-old’s imaginary fireworks from exploding at regular intervals throughout their duet, but it has enchanted YouTube, along with Adelaide's singing.

The three-minute performance of the vintage classic "Tonight You Belong to Me" finds Adelaide and her dad doing a hilarious stop-and-start duet, as Adelaide explains to her webcam that "Tssst!" means there's a firework going off.  She proceeds to inject fireworks in regular rhythm, along with impromptu commentary. Her dad, the perfect straight man, rolls with her interpretation.

It’s pretty much a cute overload.

Adelaide comes from a musical family. Her father, Benjamin Ames, is a 32-year-old quantum physicist, but when he's not researching particles in Austria or winning awards for being able to explain science to kids, he sings and plays a variety of instruments. Last year he earned the top prize at Alan Alda's Flame Challenge for this educational video he animated, edited, narrated, and performed the music to:

We have a feeling you’ll be seeing the Ames family on the Ellen Degeneres Show soon.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via YouTube

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