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David Chilcott can do more with one pot than most can with an entire kitchen. 

David Chilcott can do more with one pot than most can with an entire kitchen. His fantastic YouTube channel, One Pot Chef, offers simple recipes for tons of delicious treats.

The Australian’s latest video teaches subscribers how to make the old-school toffees popular at bake sales when he was a kid.

The Aussie chef uploads new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and sells his own cookbooks.

He’s got a lot of Fast Food classics in his repertoire, including a homemade version of the Sausage McMuffin and chicken snackwrap. The whole channel might fall under the category of “food porn” because it’ll certainly make you hungry—and hopefully teach you how to make some tasty meals.

But the best thing on his channel, which he started in 2007, has to be this recreation of McDonalds’ Hot Apple Pie.

And soon he’ll be teaching viewers how to make some Halloween candies and snacks to get in the spooky holiday spirit.

Screengrab via YouTube

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